Sorry that it’s been a while. Things have been busy, and the weather’s been ugly – but it looks to be turning around now. At least I hope.

I’ll have a couple of recent trip reports from the last two weeks coming out within the next week, but here’s some photos of my little bit of action since January.

New Gear


Started the year off by selling the last of my 13 Fishing reels. I had no issues with them, but was just ready to transition back to Shimano. I started using 13 reels when Shimano changed the body-style of the Curados, and I didn’t like it. I feel that with the Curado K & DC, they’re back on track!

First Tournament of 2019: Redbone’s PACman


For Redbone’s first tournament in early February, conditions were brutal. We’re talking windy and cold brutal. All layered up and I still couldn’t feel my fingers. I fished for around 3.5 hrs. before I couldn’t take it anymore. Turns out, only 4 fish were weighed in. I’m a little late now, but congrats to Terry, Sean, and Ricky.

More Fishing with River


One of my favorite new ways to fish…

New Toy


After several years using the Raymarine, it was time to update. This time, I went with a Lowrance Elite 7TI. Obviously, I got the Totalscan transducer for it. Maybe that’ll help with the bass?? Maybe???

More updates to come!

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