Category: Freshwater

Kayaking with Riv

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. Here’s how River and I enjoyed ourselves… We were getting nibbles from bream while using red Powerbait worms, but got ran off the water when I heard thunder and saw rain coming on the radar. Still,… Continue Reading “Kayaking with Riv”

Playing Catch-Up

The fishing has been kind of slow on my end. Not saying that the fish hadn’t been biting, but that my trips to the Houma marshes have been a bit “few and far between”. Not too long after the Redbone tournament, I returned to… Continue Reading “Playing Catch-Up”

Mardi Gras Bassin’

There was some discussion between a few of us at the shop during the days leading up to Fat Tuesday. A few of us knew we wanted to be on the water come Mardi Gras, but there were some concerns; one being the inevitable… Continue Reading “Mardi Gras Bassin’”

Afternoon Bassin’ in the Basin

Back in October, after returning from the Dealer Summit up in Tennessee, I was pretty interested in catching bass. Trey and I decided to try our luck at an area he’d been eyeing for a while one Sunday afternoon. This was a new area… Continue Reading “Afternoon Bassin’ in the Basin”

Cocodrie to Cookeville: A Trip to Jackson Kayak HQ

Just the day before, Karl and I were fishing in Cocodrie. Saturday morning, though, had John and I headed to Tennessee for the Jackson Kayak Dealer Summit. Saturday mostly consisted of driving and then we stayed in Cookeville, TN at a hotel. The next… Continue Reading “Cocodrie to Cookeville: A Trip to Jackson Kayak HQ”