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Cuda LT Review

Hooked On Wild Tarpon

The pros over at Jackson Kayak have been putting out some high-quality media lately. Here are a couple of new videos from pro kayak anglers Jim Sammons and Drew Gregory. Jim’s video is probably the most epic tarpon video I’ve ever seen, definitely the… Continue Reading “Hooked On Wild Tarpon”

The Balance

Plenty of us know the feeling. You’ve been working all week, sometimes pulling extra shifts, and your one day off is coming up. All you can think about is getting the kayak in the water, and getting fish in the kayak! And then somehow,… Continue Reading “The Balance”

Nothing But Love

Rob Choi’s most recent video. Killin’ it as always!

Layering Up for Winter Kayak Fishing

I’ve always loved living on the Gulf Coast. Our summers are hot, but there’s always a beach or waterway nearby to help beat the heat. Our Springs provide great scenery in the swamps and fields as flowers begin to bring new life and wildlife… Continue Reading “Layering Up for Winter Kayak Fishing”