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Dockside TV – Reds Riding High

I’ve always seen the clips for Dockside TV but had never searched them out until the recent batch of Instagram posts they put out showing redfish chasing down their Matrix Craws. I’ve yet to watch other their other videos, but this is some great… Continue Reading “Dockside TV – Reds Riding High”

Hooked On Wild Tarpon

The pros over at Jackson Kayak have been putting out some high-quality media lately. Here are a couple of new videos from pro kayak anglers Jim Sammons and Drew Gregory. Jim’s video is probably the most epic tarpon video I’ve ever seen, definitely the… Continue Reading “Hooked On Wild Tarpon”

Muddy Pumpkins

This past Friday was my first chance to fish the marsh in what seemed like a while. It probably hadn’t been that long, but it still felt like it. I decided to head to a location that I’m still learning and figuring out. It… Continue Reading “Muddy Pumpkins”