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Now We’re Gettin’ There…

In keeping with the recent trend, the available fishing time has been comparatively scarce for me lately. Compared to the consistency of last year’s trips, and the year before, I almost feel I’m slacking. But life is busy, and we take the chances we… Continue Reading “Now We’re Gettin’ There…”

Delayed Entry

I haven’t had the opportunity to fish but once since the last report, and that was the day after. I met up with Stephen Boudreaux at the new Leeville Public Launch and we fished around in that area. I only came away with a… Continue Reading “Delayed Entry”

Twenty-Eight Years in the Making…

Last Monday was my 28th birthday. It was a big weekend, but not because of my birthday. Saturday, we celebrated my son’s first birthday, which was great! *Side note: I recently got an Orion 45qt cooler. That thing is legit! We put it to… Continue Reading “Twenty-Eight Years in the Making…”

Getting Slimy on a Windy Day

As I’ve stated in the past, due to work, I don’t always get to have Saturdays off. Fishing with friends usually revolves around whether they can take a weekday off, or if somehow I manage to get a Saturday off. This past Saturday was… Continue Reading “Getting Slimy on a Windy Day”

Black and Red All Over

I’m about a week late with this post, but better late than never, I guess… When the opportunity to head out and fish presents itself, one of the questions that always comes up is where to fish, and secondly, who to fish with. Being… Continue Reading “Black and Red All Over”