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Kayak Angler Choice Awards: Accepting Nominations

It’s that time of year again! The Kayak Angler Choice Awards are back! If you would like to cast your nominations, head on over to this link: http://www.yakangler.com/kayak-events/item/3369-2014-kayak-anglers-choice-awards-nominations

Another Quick Recap…

The fishing has been a little bit tougher as of late. Even when compared to this time last year! Most days that I’ve been out have resulted in one or two redfish, though I’ve seen quite a few more. Without too many details to… Continue Reading “Another Quick Recap…”

Video: Spring Redfish from a Kayak

Video from last weekend in Pointe Aux Chenes…

Keeping the skunk away…

It’s been a long winter/spring transition. Up north, I hear there are still frozen lakes and another front is making it’s way across the southeast now. The fishing has been a bit tough in some places down here. On a few of the forums… Continue Reading “Keeping the skunk away…”

Monday Fishing

The weather on Saturday seemed too good to pass up a day in the marsh, but I had to. It didn’t seem like I’d have another chance until the next weekend. But we were blessed to get a chance to spend Monday out on… Continue Reading “Monday Fishing”